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Said El Hajjar

General Director / Assistant Professor
Ahlia School / Ahlia University
I am Dr. Said Taan EL Hajjar, assistant professor at Ahlia University and The General Director of Ahlia School in the Kingdom of Bahrain. My major field is mathematics and statistics. I have supervised three Phd and two master students at Ahlia University. I have published many articles and papers in refree journals and I also shared with many research studies in international conferences. I published a math book in USA named "Introductory Mathematical Analysis" and I am in the process to publish a second book in statistics named"Basic Business Course in Statistics" by the end of this year(2012).I am very interested in writing papers in e-learning and interactive learning. I believe in humanity and I do respect all human beings. The life is too short, but we, as human beings, can make it immortal through our productive research work. All what I wish to this universe is to continue peacefully.